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Product Quote Request Instructions

Please note: We have removed the redundant shopping cart since the quote button allows you to complete the quote request process from within the pop-up box. If you experience any problems with this please email our sales department at:

You can request a quote for items of your choice by following these easy steps:

1) Click on the "Quote" button to the left of the item you wish quoted.

2) A pop-up box will appear for you to enter a dB value (where applicable) a Quantity and Gender (for Terminations). If you have a need for a dB value other than our standard offering, please use the "other" option in the dB value drop-down. Fractional values are ok too.

3) Click the Close button to complete this item request. Add as many items as desired. You can go directly to the Quote Request summary page to complete your quote request when you're all done browsing the pages.


Don't worry about corrections - you can fix them when you get to the quote submission page.

Do you have a Promotion Code? - check our advertisement for one

Are you an existing customer? - please enter your customer ID on the quote request page

If you have requested a quote before or are an existing customer - you can just enter your email address to look-up the rest of your information. Otherwise, you will only need to provide a Name, Phone number and e-mail address although the more information the less we need for a formal quote.

Write down the Quote-ID request code when you've submitted your request

You can print the quote request when completed by pressing your printer icon before hitting the submit button.

You can always press the "back" button on your browser to view it again as well.

You can edit quantities or delete un-needed line items before submitting your final request

.If you want a range of quotes on the same part - just request this in the Application Comments section.


1. Equalizers are not considered part of the standard catalog products for the purpose of this quote submission process. Please use our standard questionaire for this purpose.

2.Please direct any questions to


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