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Calibrated Attenuator Sets

Aeroflex / Inmet Calibrated Attenuator Sets

Inmet's line-up of several types of Specialty Attenuators include DC Bias Passing, DC Blocking and Between Series Adapting Models.

Product Features

  • Special Purpose Attenuators: In addition to its standard offering of Inmet Brand attenuators, API Technologies designs and manufactures a wide array of multi-component hybrid units such as: Between Series Attenuators, DC Blocking Attenuators and DC Bias Passing Attenuators
  •   Available Connector Options: API Technologies offers a wide selection of connector types for low power attenuators including SMA, Type N, TNC, BNC, Type F, SMB, SMP, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, and 1.85mm.
  • Attenuation: Most models are offered from 0-60 dB in full dB increments. Typical values are 0-10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 dB with many available from stock or through distribution. Other full dB or partial dB values such as 0.05dB are available as build to order.
  • Custom Designs: API Technologies engineers can create, design and produce custom components for customers that have unique or unusual specifications or requirements.
  • RoHS Compliant: All models are compliant.
  • Markets Served: Designs are suited for both the military and commercial markets. MIL Spec testing is available on request.
  • Production Priced: Most of the 2 watt attenuator product offering is designed to cost targets that mesh well with high volume requirements.

Download comparisons of Power Handling vs. Frequency vs. Connector Type.


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Available Calibrated Attenuator Sets

SMA - Model A
Product Data Sheets
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9403 DC-18 GHz 3,6,10,20 dB SMA Style A Sets
9404 DC-12.4 GHz 3,6,10,20 dB
9407 DC-18 GHz 1,3,6,10,20,30 dB
9408 DC-12.4 GHz 1,3,6,10,20,30 dB
SMA Model - AH
9477 DC-23 GHz 1,3,6,10,20,30 dB Sma AH-Style Sets
SMA Model - DH
9473 DC-23 GHz 1,3,6,10,20,30 dB SMA DH-Style Sets
2.92mm - Models
9411 DC-26.5 GHz 3,6,10,20 dB SMA 2.9mm A-style sets
9412 DC-26.5 GHz 1,3,6,10,20,30 dB
9413 DC-40 GHz 3,6,10,20 dB
9414 DC-40 GHz 1,3,6,10,20,30 dB
2.4mm - Models
9415 DC-40 GHz 3,6,10,20 dB SMA 2.4mm EH-Style
9416 DC-50 GHz 3,6,10,20 dB
Type N Sets
9401 DC-18 GHz 3,6,10,20 dB N-Style Sets
9402 DC-12.4 GHz 3,6,10,20 dB
9405 DC-18 GHz 1,3,6,10,20,30 dB
9406 DC-12.4 GHz 1,3,6,10,20,30 dB