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75 Ohm Attenuators and Impedance Matching Pads

Aeroflex / Inmet 75 Ohm Attenuators and Impedance Matching Pads

Inmet's line-up of RF Coaxial Fixed Attenuators offers 12 different connector types, frequency ranges of DC to 50 GHz, attenuation values of 0 to 60 dB and power handling from 0.5 to 300W.

75 Ohm Fixed Attenuators available in three connector types: Type F, Type N and BNC. 1 Watt matching pads are 50 to 75 Ohm.

Download comparisons of Power Handling vs. Frequency vs. Connector Type.


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Available 75 Ohm Attenuators and Impedance Matching Pads

75 Ohm Attenuators - Type F
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3F DC-3 GHz M/F
75 Ohm Attenuators - BNC
9033/75 DC-4 GHz M/F

Impedance Matching Pads BNC (50 Ohm) - BNC (75 Ohm)
9033-50/75 DC-1 GHz BNC-M/F 9033-50-75 Model

9033-75/50 DC-1 GHz BNC-M/F
Impedance Matching Pads Type N (50 Ohm) - Type N (75 Ohm)
9070-50/75 DC-3 GHz N-M/F Type N

9070-75/50 DC-3 GHz N-M/F
Impedance Matching Pads SMA (50 Ohm) - Type F (75 Ohm)
9076-50/75 DC-3 GHz SMA-M/F-F 9076-9088 Models
9079-50/75 DC-3 GHz SMA-F/F-M
9080-50/75 DC-3 GHz SMA-M/F-M
9088-50/75 DC-3 GHz SMA-F/F-F
Impedence Matching Pads BNC (50 Ohm) / Type F (75 Ohm)
9078-50/75 DC-3 GHz BNC-M/F-F 1
9086-50/75 DC-3 GHz BNC-F/F-M
9087-50_75 DC-3 GHz BNC-M/F-M
9090-50/75 DC-3 GHz BNC-F/F-F
Impedance Matching Pads Type N (50 Ohm) - Type F (75 Ohm)
9077-50/75 DC-3 GHz N-M/F-F 9077-9083 Models9089-9082 Models

9082-50/75 DC-3 GHz N-F/F-M
9083-50/75 DC-3 GHz N-M/F-M
9089-50/75 DC-3 GHz N-F/F-F
Impedance Matching Pads TNC (50 Ohm) - Type F (75 Ohm)
9084-50/75 DC-3 GHz TNC-F/F-M 1
9085-50/75 DC-3 GHz TNC-M/F-M
9091-50/75 DC-3 GHz TNC-M/F-F
9092-50/75 DC-3 GHz TNC-F/F-F