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Specialty Terminations

Inmet Specialty Terminations

DC Blocking (SMA,Type N, SMP) and SMA feedthru coaxial terminations.

API Technologies's Inmet Brand Specialty Terminations feature low VSWR characteristics, are available in a variety of connector types and in frequency ranges of DC to 18 GHz.

Product Data Sheet - *.Pdf -Download comparisons of Power Handling vs. Frequency vs. Connector Type.


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Available Specialty Terminations

DC Blocking - SMA
Product Data Sheets
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8530S 30 kHz-18 GHz Male, Female SMA
DC Blocking - Type N
8530N 30 kHz-18 GHz Male, Female Type N
DC Blocking - SMP
8530P 30 kHz-23 GHz Female Only DC Blocking SMP
Feedthru SMA
3008 DC-1 GHz Male, Female Feedthru SMA
3008H DC-1 GHz (Hex) Male, Female Type N
Feedthru BNC
3032 DC-0.5 GHz Male, Female BNC